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Great machine Machine Recommend:Environment-friendly Labor Saving No Glue Glueless Full Auto Non Stop Turret Rewinder for Self-adhensive Label

May 6, 2024



This machine max speed is 220m/min, adopt servo motor to control , with slitting , auto paper core loading, auto cutting ,auto labeling, auto rewinding functions, paper core without glue, no folding, with meter counter ,quantity counter and auto unload.



Machine Model SZ-350B SZ-450B
Max paper feeding 350mm 450mm
Max speed 220m/min 220m/min
Slitting precision +-0.1mm +-0.1mm
Max unwinding diameter 600mm 600mm
Max rewinding diameter 2540mm 254mm
Voltage 220V 1P 50HZ/380V 3P 50HZ 220V 1P 50HZ/380V 3P 50HZ
Total power 6KW 8KW
Machine weight





Machine size 1500*1200*3000mm 1500*1400*3100


Machine details:

1:slitting speed:220m/min

2:slitting precision:+-0.1mm

3:paper feeding width max:350mm

4:max unwinding diameter:600mm

5:max rewinding diameter:254mm

6:machine weight:1000kg

7:machine voltage:220V/380V

8:Total power:6kw/8kw

9:machine size:1500*1200*3000mm

Unwinding part:

1:unwinding at air shaft: 3inch 1 piece

2:auto tension controller

3:auto web guide

Slitting part:

1:up knife:8 piece

2:down knife:8 piece

3:left and right hand wheel for adjustment

4:number counting photo-eyes

5:vacuum waste absorb

6:material pulling traction roller(servo)

Rewinding part:

1:auto turret rewinding system(servo)

2:rewinding air shaft(1 inch or 1.5inch at 2pieces)

3:auto inflation

4:no glue system

5:auto cutting system

6:auto labeling system

7:auto paper core feeding system

8:auto unloading