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converting line narrow web 13 “ ( 330mm ) 4 color adhesive paper sticker label tape roll to roll inline flexo press online with fully rotary die cutting station score slitting station with 4 spindle full automatic turret / rewinder

May 11, 2024


Product Description:

.This machine is mainly used for 30-300g/m2 web printing. The types of products that can be printed include trademarks, self-adhesive labels, computer forms, bills, aluminum foil, film, milk cardboard, battery film, carton pre-printing, etc. The printer has flexible functional configuration and can be connected to realize double-sided printing(turn bar), self-adhesive peeling printing(relam and delam), UV varnishing(UV LED or Mercury), embossing, die cutting(full rotary),Film Laminating, cold foil stamping, slitting and other processes. It is ideal printing equipment for wine, cigarettes, medicine, cosmetics, milk packs, juice packs, carton packaging (trademarks, boxes, bags, boxes, etc.)


This printer is primarily utilized for printing on web materials ranging from 30 to 300g/m2. It is capable of printing various products such as trademarks, self-adhesive labels, computer forms, bills, aluminum foil, film, milk cardboard, battery film, and pre-printed cartons.

It is the perfect printing equipment for industries such as wine, cigarettes, medicine, cosmetics, milk packaging, juice packaging, and carton packaging (including trademarks, boxes, bags, and more).


1:Cold foil is a printing technique that adds metallic and reflective effects to labels and packaging

2:Integrating a sheeter unit into a flexographic press significantly streamlines the printing process, making it more efficient and reducing material waste

3:The "delam relam" unit in flexographic printing is a component that carries out the process of delamination and relamination. Delamination is the process of separating two layers of material, while relamination is the process of reattaching the two layers together

4:A turn bar unit in flexography is a component used to change the web direction of a continuous substrate or web material as it moves through the printing press

5:A rotary die-cutting unit in flexographic printing is a key component that performs precise cuts and die-cutting into desired shapes in the printed material



Technical data
Model RYW-350/450
Max unwinding diameter 600mm
Repeat printing length 57T-158T
Max paper width 350mm/450mm
Max printing width 340mm/440mm
Machine body thickness 25mm
Suit for material 30-300gsm paper;
Tension control range 5-100kg
Tension control accurate +-1kg
Gear 1/8CP,teeth space 3.175mm
Print plate thickness 1.14mm
Printing precision +-0.1mm
Double side tape thickness 0.38mm
Print servo motor power 1.3KW+1.8KW
Unwinding and rewinding also traction servo motor power 2.9KW
Machine max speed 150m/min
Air pressure 0.8mpa
Power requirement 380V/3P/50HZ AC
Total power depends client requirement( colors, width, functions)



1. Unwinding unit

• Unwinding magnetic powder automatic tension control system

• Paper break stop device

• Equipped with air gun

2. Automatic web guide system (Arise)

• Equipped with pneumatic paper receiving table

• The paper guide roller is anodized with high hardness

• Using ball screw electric actuator

• Ultrasonic sensor for guiding transfer sensing

• The system can continuously and accurately correct the slight deviation when the paper web moves

• Detection method: edge detection

• Correction accuracy: ±0.1mm

3. In/out paper system

• pressure roller and rubber cooperated to feed paper

• Servo motor controls tension

4. Printing color group

• Pneumatic clutch for anilox roller and printing roller

• Ceramic anilox roller, 1 piece per color (the number is determined by the customer)

• Plate roller, 1 piece per color (the number of teeth is determined by the customer)

• No need to re-adjust the pressure if the anilox roller and doctor blade are replaced

• Stainless steel ink tank

• The plate roller adopts the latest petal structure, the pressure is stable, and the roller can be changed quickly without any tools

• Automatic printing plate cleaning function: After the anilox roll is off the pressure every time the machine stops, the plate roller continues to rotate for 1.5 seconds to transfer the ink on the printing plate to the paper, keeping the printing plate clean.

•Anilox roller rotation function: The Anilox roller will run automatically every time the machine stops to prevent the ink from drying on the surface of the Anilox roller and causing blockage of the screen cells.

• Three-roller gear: cp1/8, made of 20CrMnTi, featuring high wear resistance and long service life

•Anilox roller, plate roller, bottom roller Runout: ≤0.003mm

5. Drying system

• Printing unit UV drying

• The power of the printing unit is synchronized with the host, and the power can be adjusted individually

6. Synchronous strobe color detection unit

• Real-time image capture and detection of printed matter in the printing process, which can move left and right

• The detection position can be set horizontally and vertically

• The detection image can be enlarged for positioning observation

7. Winding unit

• Winding servo motor tension control system

• Equipped with air gun

8. Automatic stop function when the preset output is completed

9. Multi-point speed regulation function can be realized

10. PLC servo control