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Paper Processing Machinery slitting machine Slitter cutting machine Diam 1000(800) to 600(800)mm wide 1000mm-speed 300 m/min (250 m/min is working speed) with a separate unwinding section - friction air shafts- material Film PE, BOPP and paper (30-250 gr/m2), film (20-300 MKM)

May 19, 2024

Product Description




1:Touch screen with PLC auto tension control

2: slip shaft for rewinding

3:Auto loading by pneumatic lifter/hydraulic lifter

4:Flat and round knife system


This machine is suitable for slitting cellophane, heat sealing cotton, Melt blown fabric, mask fabric, PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS, PVC and computer anti-counterfeiting labels, electronic computers, optical materials, film rolls, foil rolls, various paper rolls, film rolls and various materials after printing

1: Host part

1: The main machine structure of the equipment adopts Iron-casting parts and steel plate structure (casting parts are secondary processed and finalized)

2. The spindle drive roller is made of seamless steel pipe. After tempering, surface nitrile rubber, dynamic balance processing

3: The main pressure roller of the main shaft transmission is a rubber roller (Nitrile rubber)

4. The guide roller is made of metal (aluminum alloy material) and rubber roller (nitrile rubber material)

5: The transmission mode of main machine and rewinding material is synchronous wheel and synchronous belt transmission(optional)


2: Unwinding part

1: The unwinding structure is a separated unwinding rack

2: Install a movable support, the moving device is ball screw

3. The unwinding adopts automatic loading with shaft (optional), which effectively saves labor and is easy to operate

4. Equipped with 1 set of deviation adjustment device, which can be fine-tuned left and right, front and back through the hand wheel

5: The unwinding tension controlled by magnetic brake

6: The web guide adopts the Chinese brand photoelectric to achieve the effect of following the side and the line of the material


3. Rewinding part

1: The rewinding shaft is equipped with 2 key type air shafts, and the tension is controlled by magnetic clutch

2: The locking method adopts pneumatic control

3: Winding tension is controlled by magnetic clutch

4: Winding pressure roller can be customized according to customer requirements

5: The cutter adopts turbine control, manual adjustment (10 round knives)

6: Equipped with waste blowing device


4. Electronics part

1: Main inverter Delta Taiwan 5.5KW

2: Main motor 5.5KW Chinese brand


The main technical parameters

Material width 1100/1300mm/1600mm
Material diameter 1000mm
Rewinding diameter 600mm
Paper core inch 3’’
Slitting speed 10-200 m/min
precision ≤0.3mm
Mini width 50mm
Total power 10kw
Machine weight 3000kg
Machine size 3300mm*2600mm×1900mm


Random Accessories

01 Allen wrench 1 05 Oil gun 1
02 Adjustable wrench 1 06 Air gun 1
03 "One" screwdriver 1 07 Gas mouth 2
04 "Ten" screwdriver 1 08 Operating Instructions 1